Wicklow Rolling Stones

Wicklow now has there first wheelchair rugby team we are finalizing the logistics and administrative process but it looks good. We have 8 players so fare and the IWR and [ … ]

Best Throttle

The best quality throttles are really between Magura abd Domino Magura is more affordable the Domino is almost double the price but it is by far more of a electric [ … ]

Wheelchair Free rider

The free rider is a wheelchair attachment for ruff terrain such as fire roads or mild trails, it could be used with an old wheelchair with off-road wheels, or a [ … ]

VSL Boxford lathe

I picked up a VSL Boxford lathe from a good friend of mine Brian who’s allowed me to fix it up and use it. Dates from between 1972 and 1976. [ … ]

Hub Direct drive motors

Grin Technologies has been slowly working away at making their own direct drive hub motor for electric bikes and is currently in a beta/pilot release program. The idea first took [ … ]

Hydrofoil Board

The seat for the DH bike ŵill be produced the same way for the hydrofoil board with obvious design changes, in my surfing days I was regular stance meaning I [ … ]

Carbon seat build

I think one of the most critical and difficult to design and build , I have some experience with composites and shaping EPS high density foam i have used Epoxy [ … ]

2019 CAF

Thanks to  Challenged Athletes Foundation CAF for there kind grant! we received $700 which we will hopefully put towards the electrical hub motors for the free rider and the extreme [ … ]

Oval tube press

Over tube press.. So to get a novel shape from a circular shape is a mathematical problem the parameter of the diameter of the circle must match the diameter of [ … ]

Third party parts

Reverse Triple crown shock for ruff terrain stanchions allow bracket mounting as well as taking advantage of what’s on offer in the market place.. I’m leaning towards DNM shocks from [ … ]