Mungrul Batec

This is my pimped out Batec the legs and sides are the only original parts. the chair black attachment bar is lose The bar is not under my chair anymore [ … ]

Wheelchair Rugby
Rugby Chair Build

this project is to make a mid pointer rugby chair. im using 6063 t6 aluminium the tube is hest treated but after the build i won’t be doing it forvthe [ … ]

Defensive Rugby Chair

Wheelchair rugby is a full contact team sport, original called murder ball was developed for high leave injuries ie quadriplegic persons. A high speed, high tempo game that more than [ … ]

DIY Toolls
Mungrul 4 axis CNC

Mungrols 4 axis CNC 4th Axis mill turn

JD2 Tube bender DIY

DIY tools Tube bender The tube bender I’m building is a copy of the JD2 bender made with my CNC machine alternatively it would be great to buy one but [ … ]

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