Hydrofoil Board

Skateboard seat test

The seat for the DH bike ŵill be produced the same way for the hydrofoil board with obvious design changes, in my surfing days I was regular stance meaning I stood with my left leg and shoulder forward allowing the twisting and turning.


Now being in a chair and the lack of core I need to use my arms to swing to get this twisting, even rolling down the hill in my chair facing forward feels unnatural to me and I do not want it for the hydrofoil. I intend to try a new way of sitting that may or may not work, I cannot move forward with this project till I figure out the seat and have tried it in land first. So! How?


Well I bought an Atom longboard skater 63cm on sale from amazon that I will try and ride first if I can develop a seat for that using well gloved up hands to turn and balance during and after an arm swing it could work? The water will be a little more forgiving if I make the foul blade big enough for stability but then we are dealing with other physics issues, master it in land what you can in land before outplaying costly mistakes.


I intend to sit cross legged with a bit of height on the bum not a lot just a bit to take pressure of my ankles, with a low back support carbon seat going right into my lower back and under my bum a strap around my waist like in wheelchair rugby from the back carbon seat support then have straps from the back going around my knees and legs as well that I can tighten pulling everything together if I need more stability..


In my head it is clear but I understand your confusion, as I say it will work or it will not but we have to try. Even if it works for me it may not work for others but we have to start some place. The worst thing hopefully is that I look like a tit, the best thing it works even if I look like a tit.