Wheelchair Free rider

The free rider is a wheelchair attachment for ruff terrain such as fire roads or mild trails, it could be used with an old wheelchair with off-road wheels, or a current chair your using.

The design is simple with stainless steel bolts for ease of adapting changing and updating module parts because the core of the free rider is modular parts can be changed as needed improvements, failures or technologies.

Intended as a DIY kit it is intended for fun and feed back to the Mungrul project. It is for off-roading it is not intended to be anything like wheelchair attachments on the market such as Oracing and the Batec

collecting the prototype 1 parts together

These adapters and brackets are used to add my current Batec to my wheelchair it is easy to attach and remove, this reduces weight of my chair when i'm not using the Batec

it also allows me to test my brackets for my fteerider. i have been using it now for a year and it had been working great sine issues with the way i bolt it on but resolvable on my

own attachment freerider once i get around to putting it together do to other parts of the overall project delaying me and the type of  hub motor attaching to the front shocks and how to do it

good news is I'm looking at a through axle motor from Grin which once i get ill be able to put all the parts together

Freestyle Attachment

The test clamps are not well made but have proved sturdy for my testing  I have newer ideas for brackets on the free rider utilizing a non slip washer I picked up I’ll prototype them  3D printer getting my measurements right purely for testing


I have Designed a ratchet type latch mechanism  to lift the chair casters off the ground so allowing the motor to do its job. I’m go to print the  finer parts with the 3D printed first to make sure they are the correct size and if the concept works before final machining

The idea of the freestyle is to allow me to dismantle it making it  modular and use the shocks if I want the front wheel of the attachment for the rear wheel of the down hill bike not essential but it would be nice.


Trying to reduce the proprietary parts footprint allowing easy travel with both DH and FS this is what I would like! But we will see if it’s realistic