Wicklow Rolling Stones

Wicklow Rolling Stones Wheelchair rugby club

Wicklow now has there first wheelchair rugby team we are finalizing the logistics and administrative process but it looks good. We have 8 players so fare and the IWR and the IWA seem to be supporting us with chairs and insurance.

With the help of Greystones council woman Jenny Whitmore getting us in contact with the principal of temple Craig school Greystones As I didn’t know him and didn’t want to just blunder my way into his school without an introduction of sorts Jenny could vouch for me as she knows my character.


Alan has been an absolute god send for us he is  a really sports lover and seems very enthusiastic about having wheelchair rugby in his school, we are not paying a fee for the first year and he has given us the keys for the summer

We can not play rugby without this type of support we are a minority our agenda at least mine anyway is to have something in place for disabled that are not disabled yet, a community of disabled that rip the piss when we get together. Advice one another and mental and physical strength