Rugby Chair Build

Rugby Chair Build

this project is to make a mid pointer rugby chair. im using 6063 t6 aluminium the tube is hest treated but after the build i won't be doing it forvthe uses in my club this chair will be strong enough at least for proof of concept

normaly after a chairs welding it  is heat treated but i cant aford that right now. the aluminium reql manufacturer would use is 7020 aerospace grade which is costly

Axle inserts

using the boxford lathe I machine these inserts to fit into the chairs aluminium cross axle, I drill a 20mm hole and tap the hole to fit a 22mm threded bar with a 16mm drilled hole to fit the rugby chairs wheel axle allowing us to remove and instasl the wheels.


Spot welds

this is an easier way of alinging the wheels so we get the correct camber with toe in and toe out from the wheels befor welding

Setup Camber, Height, toe's

Aligning  Camber with toe in and toe out add a few spot welds

holy god

This is my custom bearing pot hole saw, I'm proud of this holesaw cutter as it allows me to get a bang on measurements i need and little to no movement when cutting out bearing pot profiles.

in this image im cutting a 40mm profile for a 39mm bearing pot


Bending 38mm tube! To prevent tube kink i fill the tube with fine damp sand and bang dowd two large stoppers this seems to work well, the biggest diamiter so far is the 38mm 10 gauge