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welding table and Brackets

Made with 40/40/3 box 30/40/2 box and 100/700 cold rolled steel the holes are drilled using the cnc and manually taped to fit M12 bolts i can adjust the table [ … ]

–Hydraulic –JD2 Tube bender DIY

I have redone the tube bender to a nore usable design for someone in a wheelchair, i havevalso added an actuator robed off my hoist thats mentbtompick me off the [ … ]

VSL Boxford lathe

I picked up a VSL Boxford lathe from a good friend of mine Brian who’s allowed me to fix it up and use it. Dates from between 1972 and 1976. [ … ]

Oval tube press

Over tube press.. So to get a novel shape from a circular shape is a mathematical problem the parameter of the diameter of the circle must match the diameter of [ … ]

Welding Jig

  I’m building two jigs one jig will be a costume jig for my DH frame and the other jig will be for the rugby chairs with modular angle brackets, [ … ]

Tube Notcher

  I’m going to use two tools for tube notching the first is going to be the CNC 4th access a mill turn for straight tubes the other will be [ … ]

JD2 Tube bender DIY

DIY tools Tube bender The tube bender I’m building is a copy of the JD2 bender made with my CNC machine alternatively it would be great to buy one but [ … ]