Welding Jig

Welding Jig


I’m building two jigs one jig will be a costume jig for my DH frame and the other jig will be for the rugby chairs with modular angle brackets, braces to hold tubes in the correct place. The jig table is going to be adapted so I can use the same table for both the rugby chairs and the downhill frame, this saves space and cost, I’m using a combination of aluminium profiles, stainless steel and CNC machined brackets to accomplish th

Maching HT cones

Here im machining my cones to be used on my welding jig using fusion 360. it wout be easier and faster if i had a lathe but i don't, . i machined 5 disks bolted them together and 3d  machined them

Maching HT cones done

Alignment of these was a bugger

Rear Frame support brackets

So building the rear end of the jig for the DH bike frame for tube alignment obviously essential allowing me to hold all miter cuts together during weld.

This allows me to get angles correct heights, while giving me access to what needs to be welded while in a wheelchair. The jig base frame will also be used as the rugby jig as the two posted can be removed and the frame of the jig can be turned into the rugby chair jig

Rear Frame support brackets

DH bike frame rear tube brackets  for alignment looks good now there done!

In this photo test cross tubes are there holding strong if not aligned there the are ajustable