Defensive Rugby Chair

Wheelchair rugby intro

Wheelchair rugby is a full contact team sport, original called murder ball was developed for high leave injuries ie quadriplegic persons. A high speed, high tempo game that more than anything brings a community together. Allowing social interaction with there peers giving them and me! a sense of normality, normality in no one sees disabled just the opposition taking advantage of there strengths and weaknesses through physicality but mainly strategic planning,  Maneuvering and a good understanding of the game..


To purchase a chair for rugby the cost is €8000 euro, with no government support this is mainly dependent on Lotto funding and charity.


The Mungrul project is hoping to develop rugby frames trying to produce them for a cost under €1000 allowing use to get at least 5 chairs ( once wheels and seating is bought) for the price of one


There is no reason why we should have to import chairs when the materials plus facilities are available in Ireland from every failure and Brocken chair learning designing and improving will ultimately lead to a chair hopefully our international team can use  Mungrul chairs when representatives of Ireland showing the world that Irish disabled residents ingenuity  there perseverance to improving not only there own quality of life but others that will follow them with  support of Irish companies


Remember I was able bodied till one day I was not! A health of mind, a Health of purpose disabled person in the long run is less expensive in the future through competitive sport, work and ambition not having a purposeful life can lead to health issues costing tax payers more in hospital fees