Oval tube press

Over tube press..
So to get a novel shape from a circular shape is a mathematical problem the parameter of the
diameter of the circle must match the diameter of the oval
There are websites that can calculate this saving us the maths by if you could imagine a cross
section of the circle two lines line A bad line B adding the numbers you want your oval shape to
be A being the longest and B the narrowest measurement we try and get a parameter number
equivalent to the circle

But I find you can use this as a estimate but you have to test and add on a mill to the length or the
I mill out the two 20x30x160 bars then put them together and from the center mill out the oval
shape to give you your press jig once this is done the two halves are put in a hydraulic press I
picked up from eBay for €70 between your oval jig is the aluminum tube with the same
parameter A and B measurement . if it is the correct parameters then you get a perfect oval if not
the curve starts to flatten meaning a crap ovals to fix it I need to cut more of the A Length or the B
length may a mill until the curve becomes expectable