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Tube bender

The tube bender I’m building is a copy of the JD2 bender made with my CNC machine alternatively it would be great to buy one but the costs for dies, the bender itself can be up into the thousands just for the ability to bend aluminium tubes

I’m copying the JD2 manual bender hoping then to add an actuator with a frame. Then I intend to CNC the dies using aluminium. Of course this is not ideal but it will reduce costs and give me correct and accurate radius, without effecting the tube wall

Wood die test

the first test on tube bender dies made from hard wood


Tube Bender Assembly part 1

So the main parts are cut m16 bolts 120mm long, stainless stell and mild steel, ill update more soon

Tube Bender Assembly part 2

So me the CNC machinist have passed on the CAD machined parts with the correct measurements for the dies and pins over to Victor One of Mungruls welders to finish of the detailed work  which  is making the bugger work.

attaching the actuator weld a frame together and do all the work two hands can do quickly.

So far it’s looking great and he has done a better job than I would have though of ! can’t wait to see it in action..

Puts pressure on me to start working in the Dies needed

Tube Bender Assembly part 3

Aluminum Die’


Started the aluminum die to bend 19.05mm tube at  hopefully to 180 degrees that fits in the tube bender we made, this is the first attempt with aluminum. It will have a core steel plate for rapidity so less pressure will be on the bending arm or stub of the die that most of the leverage will be.

 One die will be  made up from three parts cut from the CNC two half’s in aluminum with a steel core, all three parts bolted together.

At most the dies will be used to bend 16 swg 10 swg at this stage anyway! but I’m sure I could bend thicker if need be, real dies for a tube bender we designed can have a price tag of €600 but they last a life time, because we don’t have that kind of cash and also we are only bending mainly aluminum we should get a bit of life out of each die

This is the first half of the die being machined using 12mm flat end mill then a ball nose 6mm end mill to smooth out the surface  for the tube slot

Tube Bender Assembly part 4

So with allot of mistakes and major stupid mistakes i have managed to 3D cut 4 dies for the tube bender along with the follow bar or guide for the tube

there made with two halves i can only afford 20mm plate so i would double up or add center steel of 6mm on each half of the die

Bend Testing

Viktor is now at the experimental stage of tube bending as you can see from the first bend there is a problem with kinking on 16 gauge 38mm tube, there is solutions for this such as packing tube with sand, or water then freezing it? But it is a pain in the ass and messy ultimately we want the dies and tube follower to do the job correctly for us but because f our physical disability’s we need to make it easier and cleaner


At the moment we think the follower is the problem the part that holds the tube to the die. If not that with it could be the combination of the die lips being to tight on the tube not giving it the chance to expand and the follower, Viktor is troubleshooting this as best he can with the help of our engineers WhatsApp group but he is the one that needs to figure it out. I have full confidence in him this tube bending and notching is essential and we need it to work, there is no workaround


He has experimented with 10 gauge tube and that was much better but we need the 16 gauge to work