Third party parts

Reverse Triple crown shock for ruff terrain stanchions allow bracket mounting as well as taking advantage of what's on offer in the market place.. I'm leaning towards DNM shocks from China they have an affordable price and I have seen no real bad review on them. Brackets can be made for each brand of shock so long as they are suitable , also custom brackets can be made depending on limitations the workshop has

Downhill bike shocks

With the down hill bike I have been buying components for a few years that I find in sales my resent transactions have been a 200mm shock from that will be used with my Similar shock I had in my iron horse, a rear sock from Fox 200mm


The central shock for the drive wheel I found a deal with a 200mm rear shock with no spring needed  from DNM on sale very affordable shocks and with future designs I will be leaning toward DNM components due to the cost


With my modular battery idea or GRIN technologies idea I’m adapting for myself I will be looking at DAYL BMS cards they are waterproof and seem reliable and affordable if they work out for me I’m sure I can ask for design changes as needed but right now it gives me options moreover opportunity and room to fail without braking the bank

Kelly controllers

Viktor my partner in Mungrul is from Budapest and will contact the Hungarian company  and see what options they have for us if any once again we are looking for reliability, ease of use and none complicated kit. Kelly’s controllers lean towards the high powered EV market but do ebike electronics world recognised it would be an advantage if they showed interest.

Hugo connectors

GRIN are also updating their current controllers with the Hugo connectors which are reliable and easier to use once again for disabled people. I am always trying to take the difficulty out of a disabled persons DIY idea allowing them to make mistakes but being able to fix it or get someone to fix it for them.

I will purchase controllers and motor from Justin once this standard Hugo connector is out I am still using a 20amp  controller with a switch to turn my bike in and off instead of a key I really don’t need because of the hassle in and off my experiment attachment after 3 years I still have no problem with it